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Recruitment coping with an ever-changing world


Unicore. Recruitment coping with an ever-changing world.

To cope with the ever-changing world, add value and growth today and in the future, you need to hire for the future. And that’s exactly what I do with a focus on Marketing, Sales, CX and HR, Supply Chain and Finance.

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Who am I

I act as a partner to my clients (companies and candidates) with a long term perspective. Based on a solid needs analysis and good understanding of the context, I bring forward the synergies allowing for long term results.

I do so as I’m passionate about developing people and helping them reconnect with their strengths so to bring them to strong performance while having fun doing so, be it through coaching or recruitment.

My experience is both at national and international level, with a unique combination of HR and business experience, as internal HR professional, as a business leader and as a consultant.

I strongly believe in quality, transparency, pragmatism, integrity, respect.

I am fluent in Dutch, French and English.

How I Do It

Unicore. Recruitment combining the visible and invisible.

"Ticking-the-attitude-and-skills-box" is the most visible element in the hiring process.

But isn’t it the invisible that determines the future? Such as the capability to match with the company culture? Or feel the dynamics of new teams and colleagues?

I’m analyzing both the visible and invisible elements by looking for the attitude and skills fit as well as the cultural and group dynamics fit. This way I have guaranteed long term recruitments for quite a few of my customers (being it companies or candidates).

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The Recruitment Journey

7 steps toward success.

I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become

Carl Gustav Jung

Coaching to connect: be productive and engaged

Bringing out the potential, the confidence, the insight that more is possible and that there is no need to hold yourself back when interacting with the world around you.

I offer:

  • Business and executive coaching

  • Career coaching

In a fast changing environment, with roles not always clearly defined, and with increasing complexity, people need to adopt new approaches, new types of leadership, new tools. But foremost connect to themselves in an authentic way to discover how they can be productive and engaged.

With the coachee we analyze the situation as is, define the desired outcome and develop the path towards the goal in a practical and pragmatic way. The coachee spots solutions, opportunities, new ways to approach any given situation.

The coaching sessions can take place inside (at the customer on at an external location) or during a walk.

I am trained as a solution focused coach and as a systemic coach.

Training enabling growth

Are you bumping into one or more of the topics below, then we should talk:


Is recruitment not running as smoothly as you hoped for in your company?


Do you not manage to sign the talent you have spotted in the market?


Are there uncertainties as to which questions you can ask during interviews and which topics you cannot touch on?


Is there a need for training on how to run (competency based) interviews?


Is there a need for optimizing the recruitment process?

Through training, workshops and practical cases we work through the different elements we defined in the intake to ensure that recruitment processes run effectively and you hire the talent you have identified. If individual coaching is required, this also is an option.

Training sessions with the HR community or with the business can take between 2 hours and 2 days, and can be organized on site or off site.

Your career

You want to work today and in the future. And let’s not forget you want to enjoy it. I’m hiring for today and the future.


The implication is that you can expect my suggestions and advice. But I will not – at any time – push you in any one direction. The choice is yours. And I do so because I strongly believe in what Jung said “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become”.


But with my strong network of companies I can pinpoint you towards environments that suit you and will allow you to be a productive, engaged employee and happy human being.

Be brave take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.

Paolo Coelho

Working with Katia was a real pleasure. Thanks to her oustanding executive search & coaching capabilities, she is very good in connecting the culture of a company with the right skill set & personality of potential candidates. What I especially appreciated was her supportive & very human approach in the whole process. During conversations, Katia also provided me insights in my golden triangle (core values, skills & competences, career goals) which helped a lot in a targeted search for a new opportunity.


Business Development Director
As I was looking for a new challenge in my future career, it was crucial to first define my key values, my strengths, needs, interests and personality skills. Ofcourse one has to look in the mirror, but I never realized – until I met Katia - what a difference professional guidance can make. Katia helped me to define and reconnect. It was a pleasure to encounter such a true professional. If you are looking for a ‘smart’ partner, an empathic, integer and experienced recruiter to help you find the right match? Congratulations, you have found her! Thanks again, Katia!

Christoph Lamberts

Business Development Manager
I have worked with a few recruiters before, but it was not until I met Katia that I understood what a real professional in this field looks like. From the very first encounter Katia was very clear and helpful. I received guidance and support from her throughout the whole process and I always felt like I could discuss my thoughts openly with her. Katia makes sure that not only your skills, but also your personality will fit with the company's culture and the match would truly work for all parties. It has been a real pleasure - thank you, Katia!


Regional Data Protection Correspondent
Katia has a very human approach that helps you to become better whatever the outcome is. She explores you with a great respect and care. It's very rare today to deal with somebody who really cares. You are not just a candidate for her but the human being behind your CV. Katia is inspirational. She works to the benefits of both the company and the individual. She has this passion and the culture that makes you trust in the process. With such attitude you know that it will not just be another job for you and for the organisation but a good match. And finally she gives the feedback. No matter if it is yes or no. But this is what every candidate needs - to understand and maybe adjust. She would also defend her thinking why it could be a good match. And this is very important to my eyes. Katia is the kind of needed professionals today.

Svetlana Sloviantchyk

Head of Sales
Working with several recruiters over the past few years helps me to see that Katia is setting a new standard in the business. When working together I noticed that she’s formulating her questions from a different place. I felt valued in every way and instead of questioning my past, she approached it with an appreciative eye. Noticing my underlying strengths and pointing them out, truly empowered me. Katia’s authenticity and sincere curiosity provided the safety to uncover my underlying needs and qualities to find the right application and step into the job interviews with the confidence I needed to land the job. Thank you Katia, I’m sure our paths will cross again in the future!


I had the pleasure of connecting with Katia a few years ago whilst looking for a new opportunity. After a first talk she was quick in grasping my profile and understanding the challenge I was looking for. All contact moments with her were enthusiastic, honest, clear and to the point. Katia combines this level of professionalism with a human and personal approach and she follows up actively. After my successful startup in a new company we decided to work with Katia again in search of new team members. Her deep knowledge of different industries, company structures and functions, allows her to quickly be aligned and help things move forward.

Jana Cornelis

Communications Manager

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